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July 27th, 2011 by GP Inc.

“After searching for an apartment for a few months we were at the end of our rope.  It seemed that no matter what we told our brokers they would show us the same things and try to force us into a place.  That was not the case with Greenpoint Properties.  They were polite and showed us a place that was exactly what we were looking for.  In addition they were always available to answer any questions we had regarding the logistics of moving etc.  I would highly recommend using them if you are looking for a place in Greenpoint.” -via Yelp

“I’m a local who has worked with Greenpoint Properties in a few different capacities over the years: buying a property, leasing out my rental unit, and recommending to friends for both commercial and residential leases.   They sell and rent lovely properties, and they find great tenants!  They’re hands-down the best brokers in the area, and are not only very professional and knowledgeable but also extremely nice and personable.  Every experience I’ve had with them has been pleasant and easy.  Highly recommend!” -via Yelp

“Highly recommend locally based, Greenpoint Properties. I was looking to rent, and Victor showed some wonderful apartments, having listened to what we were looking for. He knows the neighborhood amazingly well and knows his landlords too, so won’t waste your time if he thinks the landlord has strict income requirements etc.” – via Yelp

“After a grueling apartment search, my husband and I were so glad to have gotten a recommendation from a friend for Greenpoint Properties.  We worked with Victor and he was great!  He showed us great places and didn’t pressure us to make a decision on the spot like many other real estate agents at other companies did.  We highly recommend them!” -via Yelp

“Super accommodating and flexible, Greenpoint Properties has the best and easiest people to work with in the ever dreaded and stressful rental process in NY. I highly recommend this place for your next apartment in a fantastic area.” – via Yelp

“after an exhaustive two months of searching for a new apartment i was at my wits end and thought i was never going to get out of queens. everything that i was being shown as new and renovated was dilapidated messes with showers installed inside closets or i had to deal with pushy brokers who were just trying to close a deal without any regards to my wants and needs.  miraculously, i some how came across victor and greenpoint properties and was shown a brand new fully renovated apt that was also rent stabilized that was perfect for me.  i am not sure if this was just a fluke, but i would like to think it has something in part to do with victor and greenpoint properties and their ability to listen to what you looking for and be honest about what is available out there.  he was also helpful throughout the entire process responding to all my emails and questions throughout and even following my actual move in.  i highly recommend working with them if you are searching for an apt in the greenpoint area.” -via Yelp

“Greenpoint Properties did me a huge solid! Not only did Victor quickly and painlessly find me an amazing apartment that will keep me in New York for another 5 years, but on top of that he successfully negotiated my rent with the landlord.  Victor was attentive, pleasant and effective.  I would absolutely recommend him to anyone moving to the neighborhood.  Don’t waste your time with another broker – call Victor!” -via Yelp

“I’ve never used Yelp to write a review of any business, but I felt the need to let everyone enduring the awful process of apartment hunting know that Greenpoint Properties are the people to turn to! Victor replied to me promptly and within two days I had a brand new apartment in a great part of Greenpoint at a great price. I dealt with a handful of other realtors during my search and they all pale in comparison to Greenpoint Properties!” -via Yelp

“I would recommend using Greenpoint properties. Victor was very helpful from the start and showed us a number of places within our price range. We were not pressured at all into our decision and once we chose, the whole experience was stress-free. Victor is very professional and easy to work with which and I recommend him wholeheartedly.” -via Yelp

“My first experience with a broker and absolutely no complaints. After years of living in Bushwick dorm apartments found on Craigslist with absentee landlords and roaches, I decided that it was time to move on. Working in entertainment means having a social life that straddles both Brooklyn and Manhattan, and Greenpoint straddles that line fairly well. I’ve been in love with the neighborhood since I first moved here in 2005, but could never afford the rent.

After weeks of disappointment and forcing myself into thinking I’d never find a place in the neighborhood, I called a broker. Victor found me a place that fit my budget, which was an incredible feat considering the rent was 400 dollars less than what an average apartment here goes for! He showed me a few places and gave me a good idea of what to expect with each. I fell in love with the final one on our tour (it was like he planned it that way!), despite it being in the middle of renovation. During the signing process, he was very accommodating to my insane work schedule (80 hrs a week) and agreed to meet with my landlord and I pretty late, well after the office was closed, to sign.

Now I have been here almost a month and I find myself settling into my first real “home.” I even have those beautiful tin ceilings I’ve coveted from friends’ historic apartments in Brooklyn. Thank you so much to Victor and Diane at Greenpoint Properties for finding me a great place!” -via Yelp

“My girlfriend and I just found our apartment through Greenpoint Properties. Working with Diane and Victor was by far the best experience I’ve had with a broker. They are friendly, accommodated to our tight schedules, and were not pushy at all. They made the entire process a pleasure and we are incredibly excited about our new place. If you’re looking for a place in GP you should definitely give them a call and see what they have.” -via Yelp

“We had been searching for weeks with no luck when we found Victor and Greenpoint Properties.  In 1 day he showed us 3-4 places we loved, all right in our price range!  Everyone in the office is very friendly and the paperwork was a breeze.” -via Yelp

“Brokers fee was lower than most and Victor was a non-pressuring well-informed and curteous person to work with! Greenpoint properties has a pretty nice selection of apartments and at very good rates. Victor even helped us negotiate a break on the first month’s rent!” -via Yelp

“Victor and Diane at Greenpoint Properties are leaps and bounds ahead of the rest of the Greenpoint broker options in terms of professionalism, availability, friendliness, etc.  We looked at several apartments with other brokers, and if you’re going to fork over a month’s rent, it might as well be to courteous and knowledgeable brokers such as these guys.  They were responsive throughout the whole process and I really appreciated the follow-up email after we moved in.

Call them up if you’re looking for a gorgeous, affordable apartment in the neighborhood!” -via Yelp

“If you’re looking for an apt in Greenpoint, go here! I got my apartment from Victor, it’s in a great location & renovated building. He negotiated my rent with the landlord and got them to bring it down. The lease signing process was stress-free and easy!” -via Yelp

“We were hesitant to use a broker because we were working within a pretty limited budget, but after a number of  frustrating and competitive Craigslist open-houses, we figured we needed to give it a shot. We found Greenpoint Properties on Yelp, and Victor was completely wonderful. He found us a perfect apartment at a great price, and the broker fee was lower than most – we would have paid more for a worse apartment if we’d kept doing the Craigslist thing. If you’re trying to move to Greenpoint, definitely call Victor!” -via Yelp

“If you are looking to rent or buy in Greenpoint do yourself a favor and start with Greenpoint Properties.   The brokers at this locally owned and independent agency were a pleasure to work with and know all the best deals in the neighborhood.   Highly recommended!” -via Yelp

“Our Realtor at Greenpoint Properties was absolutely wonderful. We spent a few days doing the networking/craigslist/random Realtor-thing. Then, out of the woodwork, 3 people suggested Greenpoint Realty to me. We called and met Victor and spent one day looking and felt like we found a great place. We hesitated and looked with another realty company the following day. It was an absolute nightmare of dodgy places in bad neighborhoods at astronomically high prices. I couldn’t wait to get out of the guy’s car to call back Victor! Our beautiful apartment was still available and now it’s ours.

He found us a truly awesome place at a low price and stayed in close touch during the credit check/approval/lease-signing process, which can be stressful. I really can’t recommend Greenpoint Realty enough.” -via Yelp

“Definitely the place to go! My fiancé and I had the greatest experience here. Thanks to Victor Wolski we are loving living in our beautiful apartment in Greenpoint. Can’t say enough good things about this place. If you’re looking for an easy, honest, and helpful company this place is it!” -via Yelp

“Victor at Greenpoint Properties is as good as a broker can get.  He consistently showed me fantastic apartments and worked closely with me to find the right apartment within my budget.  Within just a few days I went from stressed about finding a new place to live, to signing a lease on the perfect apartment for me.  I highly recommend Greenpoint Properties to anyone looking for a place in the Greenpoint/Williamsburg areas.” -via Yelp

“Greenpoint Properties makes looking for property an absolute joy. I called them about an on-line posting, and within the hour i was putting down a security deposit for my dream apartment. They have been in Greenpoint for decades and know all the gems…they showed me 3 BEAUTIFUL apartments that were exactly in my price range, neighborhood selection, bedroom specification, and architectural style. They also negotiated with my now landlord for a much lower rent than what was listed. Greenpoint Properties is the place to go, especially if you are looking to move to the best neighborhood in Brooklyn! Highly recommended!” -via Yelp

“Greenpoint Properties was knowledgeable and helpful. They showed me places in my budget and never pressured us to look any anything higher than we wanted to pay. They were very flexible with their time and pleasant to deal with. They even helped us negotiate lower rent with the landlord! Highly recommended.” -via Yelp

“Greenpoint Properties helped make my transition to NYC quite simple.  Not only was the Broker’s Fee less than most, but we ended up with an apartment that can’t be beat for the price, with great landlords to boot.  They were professional and friendly, I highly recommend them.” -via Yelp

“I had been looking for apartments in New York for over a month before I went to Greenpoint properties. These guys were far and away better than anyone I had spoken to previously. They not only had great apartments but they acted like your business mattered to them. I ended up staying 2 years at the apartment and my great experience continued. They were always accomodating and made sure that everything in the building was kept in great working order. I would highly recommend Greenpoint Properties to anyone.” -via Yelp

“I highly recommend using Greenpoint Properites if you are searching for an apartment in Greenpoint. Our broker Victor Wolski showed my boyfriend  and I  an immaculately renovated, affordable apartment on the first shot. This was a refreshing change to the dumpy, poorly located places we had been seeing in the same price range.
It was the least painful apartment search I have experienced in NY.” -via Yelp